Frequently Asked Questions- Engagement Edition

Do I have to book my wedding with you to get the free engagement shoot?

Absolutely not, read on to find out how to get engagement portraits like these!

Are your engagement shoots REALLY free?

Yes! 100% You’ll probably hear us use a line that talks about, “would you buy your wedding dress before finding out if you feel beautiful in it?” That is our goal, to make you feel as beautiful as you are.  1 hour with 1 photographer, 1 posing coach, and  100 miles included travel,  resulting in 5 completely free high-resolution images.

As soon as we know your date, and begin booking your engagement shoot, your date has a ‘soft-hold’ on it. This means if anyone comes nosing around your date, we will let you know immediately to see how you’re feeling about it. This soft-hold remains in place until you’ve received your engagement photos. One week from the day you are sent your gallery, we will need to know whether you thought we were right for your wedding, or if you’re leaning another direction.  To officially hold your date, a $500 deposit and signed contract are needed.

What do you mean by “high resolution”?

When we say high-resolution, what we mean is: the pictures you will receive will be watermark free and print friendly up to an 8×12. Typically, you can even get away with larger than that!

Do I have to order prints through your site, or can I print them at my local printer?

We are very very proud of our product line and online store. We always 100% guarantee our products to your satisfaction. That being said, your images are completely yours. If you want to print them at your local pharmacy or an online printer, you have that right. We take these photos for you to do with what you see fit!

If I want more than 5 images, is that possible?

Sure thing! Our galleries have built in stores where you can add prints, canvases,  and digital images to your cart. This is even possible through your smart phone! Each individual digital image is $15.

Where does your 100 miles of travel begin?

Our starting point is the heart of Sacramento, we use downtown as the most central and accurate location for us. We offer a total journey of 100 miles round-trip included in our free packages. If your journey warrants 101-200 miles, it is a $25 gas fee, and 201-300 miles being a $50 fee. If you have a location in mind, and you’re worried it’s too far, just talk to us. We believe communication is the most important part of this entire process.

Are my pets and children welcome?

We know that pets are sometimes your first family, and we definitely know that your children are your heart and soul!  That being said, if you’re signing up for a free engagement package, we don’t want to be surprised by doing a family portrait shoot. If your children are grown enough to take care of themselves during the hour, they are more than welcome to join us, and even slip in for a few photographs. This is roughly the same idea for the pets. If you’re comfortable allowing your pet to be tethered, and not personally baby-sat, they are also more than welcome! Sometimes, children and pets are just the perfect touch for your Save-the-Dates. Afterall, sometimes it’s not just joining two hearts, it’s joining a whole bunch of them!

When should we schedule our engagement shoot?

We love every stage of getting married, especially the new, fresh, engaged glow! However, if you don’t have your date picked yet, we can’t put a soft-hold on it. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you! Shoot us an email and we can always offer some suggestions for venues and vendors in the mean time.

Also, because we shoot almost exclusively on the weekends, we have limited availabilities. We love to be able to start planning for a shoot 1 to 3 months out. If you need something in a rush though, don’t worry, we will do our best to make that happen!

What are your wedding package prices? Do you do payment plans?

You can find information about our packages on our wedding page (you can also click “Weddings” on the left hand navigation bar.)

We are famously agreeable with payment plans! Once a deposit is placed, we are more than happy to schedule payments for your wedding photography all the way up to- and a few months following your wedding. Feel free to ask for more information!