More About Us

2 Girls 20 Cameras LLC is a photography company founded by photographers Gabby Terrasi and Ashley King. We began as friends in 2008, and began working side by side as professional photographers in 2009. There was also a brief time period where we were also roommates in 2012. True story, we counted our collection of cameras and thus the name of our business was born.

While we both have individual stories and educational pasts, we believe collectively we bring the best of our worlds to the business. We both have a mutual artistic passion and are daughters of home-grown business owners. We have invested our time and energy into this company because we believe whole heartedly in each others business savvy and keen eye. Our daily goal is to make sure we represent ourselves this way.

Oh lastly, perhaps most importantly, we can be bribed with champagne, sushi, or Jimboys.

We would love to talk with you. Please take a moment to email us @ (please include phone number, email, and requested date) or call us (at 916-580-8200) and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.